Advanced Care Directive

An Advanced Care Directive, also known as a ‘living will’, sets out exactly what medical treatments and measures you consent to, and those which you do not. They offer a more detailed and specified level of care then an Appointment of Enduring Guardian, and more importantly, the details of the advanced care directive must be considered by a health care professional prior to any treatments being administered to you.

As with an enduring guardian, an advanced care directive appoints someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. It is important you appoint someone who you trust and are comfortable with. This person will be capable of making financial decisions on your behalf. We recommend you have discussions with this person to ensure they understand what your financial wishes are. We recommend you appoint two people, to act jointly or severally, in the event one of those appointed is unable or unwilling to act.

Advanced care directives are highly specific and can offer your loved ones clear directives as to your wishes in the event you are incapacitated and they need to make serious decisions on your behalf. This reduces the emotion and can remove the guilt on loved ones when hard decisions are required.

At Holmes Donnelly & Co, we recommend you enter into both an Advanced Care Directive and an Enduring Guardian.