Divorce is the formal ending of a marriage by court order. Applications for divorce can vary in complexity – we are here to help you move through the process quickly and easily, answering your questions and helping you feel in control.

Property & Financial Settlements

After a marriage or de facto relationship comes to an end, our solicitors are experienced in all property matters and can provide you with advice around the critical question of how your assets, superannuation and liabilities will be handled.

Parenting Arrangements

Often disputes about children can be the most difficult area to deal with when relationships come to an end. If you and your partner are not able to come to an agreement, we can advise you about your options under the Family Law Act.

De Facto Relationships

Since 2009 property settlements for de facto couples have been dealt with under the Family Law Act. We assist de facto couples with all aspects of separation including property, child support and de facto spouse maintenance.

Same Sex & LGBTIQA+ Relationships

We recognise that for rainbow families, comfort and confidence in legal advisors is particularly important. We proudly assist LGBTIQA+ clients for all family law needs, including those particularly relevant to the LGBTQA+ community.

International Relocation & Child Abduction

After separation, a dispute may arise if one parent wants to move interstate or overseas (or does so without the knowledge or consent of the other parent). Our firm is highly experienced in this area and can assist you without delay.

Spouse & De Facto Spouse Maintenance

One party is often left in a worse financial situation after the end of a de facto relationship or marriage. If so, you may be entitled to maintenance from the other party. Our solicitors are available to advise you about this.

Child Support

Child support refers to money paid by one parent to another for the support of their child or children. There are a number of options available in relation to child support including assessment, and we can support you through the process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The delays in the family law courts are well-reported and known throughout the profession. We actively seek out methods other than litigation to resolve your dispute, including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Financial (incl. Pre-Nuptial) Agreements

Financial agreements can be entered into before, during or after a de facto relationship or marriage. They can provide protection and certainty as to what will occur if your relationship breaks down, minimising the risk of later disputes.

Fertility & Surrogacy

Egg and sperm donation, artificial conception procedures, and surrogacy arrangements provide wanting parents with a gift of parenthood. We can assist with the legal considerations that come with each pathway to family formation.

Wills & Estates

At Holmes Donnelly & Co. Solicitors, we are able to assist you with your Wills and estate planning needs, whether you are high net worth individual or an individual with a small nest egg.

Apprehended Violence Orders (ADVO)

The breakdown of a relationship can be an emotional and challenging time. The team at Holmes Donnelly & Co solicitors can assist you to understand the implications of an ADVO on your family law matter and how best to navigate your matter in those circumstances.

Holmes Donnelly & Co. specialises in all areas of family law and conducts family law cases across Australia, including in the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as a dynamic and progressive firm with a social conscience, and service clients throughout Australia and the globe.

Our solicitors include an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner, an independent children’s lawyer and a team of Accredited Specialists in Family Law.

We provide expert advice and representation in the following areas.